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You've Got Files!™ File Arrival Notification Software for Windows now Available.

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While listening to the needs of Gigabyte Express customers and FTP server administrators, Niwot discovered that FTP files were arriving and the people that needed to work on those files were manually examining the receive directories or depending on phone calls from customers to find out that there was work to be done. You've Got Files! was created to alert those that need to know and is the only general FTP file notification software on the market today.

You've Got Files! allows a large number of FTP upload directories to be monitored and a list of email addresses to be notified. The email addresses for each directory are unique. In a printer application, this allows emails to be sent to the print manager, the salesman assigned to a customer, and to the customer. Most cell phone and pager services support emails to the cell phones and pagers, meaning the alerts can reach mobile users immediately.

You've Got Files! is the leading software product for upload file notification. It is software which you easily install and configure on a Windows 2000/2003/NT/XP system on your network. You may then monitor directories and sub-directories on any system on your network for new or modified files. YGF will automatically generate an email and/or launch an executable (application, script, batch file) upon file arrival.

You've Got Files! also has FTP client capability allowing YGF to monitor directories on remotely hosted FTP Servers.

Unlike other file arrival notification features embedded in commercial FTP server software, YGF allows you to monitor a large number of directories and generate an email to a list of email addresses. The email addresses for each directory are unique allowing you to customize the recipients for each directory. Alert those that need to know!

You've Got Files! periodically examines your selected directories for new or modified files. You define what that time period is, from one minute to a day. You also define how often you would like to receive an email per directory. Additional features such as configurable subject line, private label, and no sub-directory monitoring are available.

You've Got Files! runs unattended as a Windows Service. Simply install, configure and let it run with confidence that the right people will be notified when those important files arrive.

Here's what our customers are saying: is a User-to-User support website for the Sambar www/FTP/mail/Proxy server. According to Alex Broens, Administrator of the Sambar site, "We are delighted with the added value YGF offers our users by announcing new file releases to our mail list subscribers. We monitor our user uploaded files and Sambar server's new releases. Messages are sent out with clickable http links to permit direct downloads. In the experimental stage, we have a Perl script launched by YGF's "Launch Application" feature which posts a message to a "New Release" forum. Also, it should be mentioned that installation and operation go without a glitch - no crashes, no blue screen of death. Just install, run, sit back and hear it purr."

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